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Friday, October 10, 2008

Not Like Me

11:21 PM |

A bit of poetry....

I am not that chic
That's not me you see
When your watching the tv
No brown hued cuties
'Cept in the videos poppin their booties
Letting them niggas make it rain
And for a little bit of change
They'll do something strange.
I am not that chic.

When you're flippin through your favorite magazine
Look through the pages you won't see me.
Not without an 18in yakky weave
Or bald headed and so ethnic I'm damn near ugly.
Or maybe rockin my natural with the soul power glow
Or dreaded up 'cause I gotta let my afro-centricity show.
Too dark to be average so what else can I be?
That's not me you see.

When I am remotely represented
Successful, ambitious and self-respecting
I'm branded as a bitch, constantly engaged in male bashing
I am a spinster, a prude, somewhere out there causing drama
Or an under cover freak sexin you, your daddy and your mama.

So if I look at you in disbelief
Or smile back awkwardly
It's not that I don't believe your compliment
I just can't believe you think that of me
With all the fallacies,
Doctored Imagery,
And embedded perceptions of beauty.
It's hard to believe you'd like anything
Other than
What's not