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Thursday, October 2, 2008


1:10 AM |

Taking time to look back...

It's always been said that there is no need to dwell in the past. It's important that we look towards the future and live in the now. I agree. There is no need to dwell in the past because if you're always focused on what's in your rear-view mirror, you eventually run off the road. But I think our tendency to try and forget or negate the past leads to many of our misfortunes in our present and future.

I guess part of this is inspired from watching the VH1 countdown of the greatest Hip-Hop songs (note clicking on that link will show the whole list and the series isn't over until sometime this weekend. So if you're like me and were waiting to see what the countdown holds DON'T CLICK IT YET!!! It will ruin it for you). I started reminiscing with the music and remembering how I was, what I wanted to do, what I was striving to be, etc. Back when I felt that I could do almost anything. There's a lot about that girl I'm glad I grew out of. Yet, there's a lot of characteristics of that girl I used to be that I wish I possessed as the woman I am now. And just when I think that girl is dead and gone, someone, something, some sound comes along and revives her in me. Her heart beat is faint but she's there.

I think in the daily shuffle of life you tend to forget what you're out here doing and why. You loose sight of your dreams, hopes and goals or they get so modified by the mere need to survive that they are hardly recognizable anymore. Almost making your own reflection a stranger to you in the mirror every morning. I think that it's important that every so often you take the time to look in that rear-view mirror. Remember where you come from, what you're trying to do, who you are. If nothing else to remind you of where you've been and to help you remember why you are moving forward in the first place.