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Friday, October 17, 2008

Ready, Set, Go!

11:05 PM |

The thrill of the chase...

It's often said that the nature of man is to be the hunter. They thrive off the thrill of the chase and the satisfaction over their metaphorical capture. It is also often said that women like to be the hunted. To be perused is often linked to feeling of being desired or wanted. So for eons man and woman have been engaged in this never ending cat and mouse game. However with the changes in society men have started to become the hunted and women the hunter. With this reversal of roles I began to wonder how important it is for men to pursue a woman.

I know that most "liberated" males will say that they have no problem with a woman approaching them. That's all well in good but what I am wondering how many still enjoy the pursuit. Does it take away from the appeal of a woman if she is upfront? Not skanky and putting her tits on the table within the first minute. But truly honest and open about her intentions. Is it better for women to play coy? Play shy, play it cool, appear mysterious. Does that make the desire to be with her increase? Is the thought of the unknown appealing?

I'm not a man so I can't answer these questions. But I would think that in some instances it's great for a woman to be up front. Put it out there, no games, no assumptions. Being a pretty blunt female I often wonder if my frankness is a turn off. But I'm also not one who puts it all out there either. I have layers. But how hard is too hard? That said, I would also think that some sense of mystery would be appealing as well, almost making it a bit more exciting and "rewarding" so to speak when the challenge is won. I mean if it's easy is it really worth it? The questions...the questions....