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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Man Dibbs

4:38 PM |

...let it go ladies

What I would like to discuss today is what I call Man Dibbs. What is Man Dibbs? Well this is a phenomena that seems to affect the female population. It occurs usually within a pair or a group of friends. What happens is one person in the group may have her eye on a particular guy. This young woman may or may not have any interaction with said guy. However, because this friend has expressed interest in this man, all friends of said girl are to not approach this man, nor accept any advances from him. Any interaction with this man and friends of the girl, are to be strictly platonic and possibly lead to ways to get said man and girl together. Even if said man shows interest in one of the friends, the friend is not to accept his interest, develop an interest for the man, nor act on that interest. This is know as Man Dibbs.

From my observations, Man Dibbs began in middle and high school. Usually in conversations that involve the phrases "You can't like him, I like him". It is true there is an unspoken agreement among friends that you will never push up on a guy the other has an interest in. However, mature friends should also be able to understand that if the guy likes your friend he doesn't want you. As long as you know your friend hasn't gone behind your back and pushed up on this man, you should not be upset with your friend if they do end up getting together. You should be able to step out of the way and let your friend have an opportunity to be happy.

Personally I think Man Dibbs are stupid. It's quite possible that the same things you like in this man are going to attract your friends. I mean, you are friends after all and friends usually share interests. It's even dumber if the man has never showed any remote interest in you. If you really like your friend why not give her a chance to be happy? Sure it'll be awkward, but be real with yourself. He didn't want you. Honestly I say every woman for herself. It's slim pickings out there. If he's available may the best chic win. Just make sure your friendship is strong enough to outlast the competition.