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Monday, April 7, 2008

Power and Control

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Why don't you do something....

Power is a funny thing. It turns an ordinary man into a leader. It turns a man of conscious into a man for sale. How many of us really control our own power? How many of us hide behind other people, social injustices, even God and our faith, instead of taking responsibility for our actions and situations?

I think sometimes it's easier to believe that there are forces at work that are beyond our control rather than accept that our actions are what have put us into a majority of our current positions. Because to accept that our actions are the primary cause for many of our situations is to admit that we are the source of our own success and problems. And really who can blame oneself? It's much easier to say that God doesn't care about your, or that the other person is "lucky" and you're not. It's easier to believe that there are no ways to be successful in a racist, capitalist society, rather than accept that we are living in those times and try to work through, around and in it. It's easier to say that people are out to get you rather than think that, that person probably doesn't think about you at all.

Why not stand up and be accountable? Acknowledge the situation that is afflicting you and face it head on. This way you can try and determine a way to work beyond or through it. Dwelling in the pit of our own sorrow is not doing anything to help you. Good things happen to those who help themselves. Just like happiness, people have the key to their own power. Shut up and go get yours.


Lawrenorder said...

Say word. The only one getting in my way is me. No sense in blaming anyone else because they're not getting that satisfaction. To quote a song, "It's my world."