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Thursday, September 29, 2011

LOL :-)

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Digital dating...

Some things are great to say in a text message. Things like "Hi" or "Have a great day at work" or "Can you pick up some eggs on your way home". Some things are not great to say in a text message. Things like "We need to talk" or "Are you sleeping with my sister?" or "Got my test results".

Now a days it seems like a major component of relationships seem to be how available you are through chat, text messages and your Facebook wall. People can apparently be 'talking' (hate that word) for 3 months on chat and consider that actually dating.

Where dey do dat at?????

What happened to actual face to face quality time? You know, coming over and hanging out to do something other than just smacking bellies. Going out and enjoying each others company. Actually holding hands and being close.

Today I saw a commercial for a board game and I that would be nice. Picturing playing it by a fire in these colder months with someone special.....

Most of you guys get a thrill if your man 'gives' you some fertilizer for your Farmville plants. This computer ish is just....nothing really. It's nothing at all.

A computer screen, miles of DSL wire, a cell phone and satellite signals provide people a way to hide. Not get close. Keep people at arms length. Or be a complete punk. This way they can say what they want, break up when they want and never have to face the person they are hurting. OR it makes them completely obsessive, falsely attached and stalkers. Either way you look at it, it's not good.

What this digital world is great for is for those who can't see their loved ones on a daily basis. Allows military members to see their loved ones. Long distance couples the ability to keep their relationship alive.

But when you are two apartments over from your boo, I need you to get up and go knock on a door.