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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Assumptions That Can Get Your Feelings Hurt:

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Part One...

1. That I want to see you when I'm not doing anything or have a day off.

Just because I tell you I'm doing nothing doesn't mean I want to talk. Just because I'm sitting at home on the couch doesn't mean I'm bored. Just because I'm bored doesn't mean I want to be entertained. To assume otherwise and to constantly insist I do something or bug me can lead you to get your feelings hurt.

2. You buy a drink I must have a conversation or exchange numbers.

First, who doesn't like free stuff. You're offering? If I want it, I'm taking. Now I'm polite (and I like my life and there are so many unstable crazies out there) so I will engage you in conversation. However my acceptance of said drink does not obligate me to give you any information about myself nor does it bind me to you for the entire night. To assume other wise can lead you to get your feelings hurt.

3. I'm not smiling. That means I'm angry.

Honestly, that's just how my face falls. Can't seem to help it. I am not that person that's just smiling constantly. When I do that means I am really having a good day. If I'm not, that doesn't mean I'm upset. However, if you constantly ask me what's wrong I will start to get irritated. Which will eventually make me angry because not only have you annoyed me to the point of anger, you have now reminded me of something, somewhere I probably should be angry about. That alone will lead you into a conversation that will lead you to get your feelings hurt.

4. I'm smiling so I'm in a great mood.

For me, that's true typically. Unless I'm discussing something you didn't do, did do that wasn't appropriate, or something that is very seriously bothering me. If I am in the process of 'fussing' you out, you want to see my smile. Then there is hope. The smile keeps me from completely unleashing the dragon on your ass. If the smile leaves, cover should for sure be taken. So depending on the context, assumption that my smile means joy could lead you to get your feelings hurt.

5. Those who flirt and interested.

Sorry guys. Many women just like to flirt. Some do it maliciously with the intent to hook you. Has nothing to do with their interest in you or not. It sucks. I know. Men do it too so it's not like it's only a woman thing. Either way, assumption that flirting = interest is a BAD assumption and will SURELY lead you to get your feelings hurt.