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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dating Game

11:22 PM |

Or the lack there of...

Oh, it's that time of year again. The time of year I have to work extra hard at checking my disillusionment so it doesn't become overwhelming bitterness. I'll explore that deeper later.

Tonight, I had a conversation with my sister about how we would like to go on a date. (Not with each other smarty-arty). She, being the one with the boyfriend, I would assume dates often. I usually don't ask probing questions too much about her relationship, so I don't know, but judging on our conversations I don't think it happens that much. I remember when I was with my ex-es we didn't date either. We just "hung out".

Most "date" conversations I've had with guys proceeds as followed:

So...when am I going to see you again...

I dunno, what were you thinking...

I dunno. When you wanna get up?

Let's just stop this merry-go-round right here. JUST ASK. You want to see me, I want to see you, pick a day, have a plan, ask me. Say "Hey, I got tickets to the game Saturday, wanna go and get drinks afterwards?" Or, "Have you seen the trailer for the movie [insert movie here]. Want to go tomorrow?"

Why must I get a wedgie sitting on this metal pony going around in circles on this mind-numbing ride? Don't give me this mess about how you may not know if I'll say yes or whatever. If we've even gotten remotely close to having a date type conversation, I'M INTERESTED.

So you may ask.."Why I always gotta be the one to ask you out". Answer, you don't. I have no problem planing something to do. However, sometimes I just want to feel like a lady. Court me. Wine me. Dine me. Make me feel like your proud to show me off. Make me feel like you want to share your interests with me. We don't always have to be just "hanging out".



You must be looking for love in all the wrong places. And I'm not trying to be funny.

Miss_A said...

Looking? Not really. I've given up on the whole looking part. But I have dealt with my share of bustas. Sometimes, relationships can get stale and routine. Partners forget that putting that small effort into that aspect of the relationship can have a big impact on how the other feels. I think though, in general, the idea of dating and the courtship behind that has collapsed and given way to the 'hang out'.