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Thursday, January 8, 2009

What You Won't Do For Looks

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Being blinded by fine...

Let's set the scene. You meet a man. He is a nice guy. This man gets along with everyone. He is sensitive and caring and treats you like a queen and loves you. So far so good right?

Now what if I told you that this very same man lives with his mom. He doesn't have a car, and couldn't even drive one if he had it because he's never had his license. He doesn't have a career and can't keep a steady job. He doesn't even have his GED and has made no apparent motions to at least get that. Now for arguments sake let's say that the reason he hasn't done those things is just because he hasn't done them. Not that he can't or that he needs help or he has some master plan to get him somewhere and this is just where he is right now, but that he truly has no desire to improve his circumstances. And while it would be nice to say that he's still young and can work on that as he matures, this man is also almost 40. Still good?

Well what if I said he is let's say a Morris Chestnut or Shemar Moore or my personal favorite Pharrell or whatever does it for you. Do you get with him or say no thank you?

Most women I have posed this question to have said "He's fine but he ain't that fine". These women aren't materialistic or shallow. I think what it boils down to is that there are certain things as women we expect from men. Most women need to know that they can be taken care of by their man and on paper this man doesn't look like he can do that. Fine or not. Do I think most men would take that stance if the girl was like an Alicia Keys, Lauren London, or whatever fly girl is in right now? Absolutely not. But I haven't surveyed the guys about this scenarios so that's for another conversation.

So the question really becomes, what would you put up with for hotness?


Tony Stark said...

Alot of people are lying. I think it depends on how emotion the people you ask are, ....emotional people will take the hotness because they'd be drawn in (maybe even if they weren't as fine themselves)...just a thought...A.Keys & Lauren London are fine so honestly I think I'd give them a run so I could at least see where their heads were at before I totally wrote them off...thats just me.