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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Empress's New Clothes

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Clothes not made of magic thread...

Tonight I stood in the doorway of my room and gazed upon the jackets, jeans, t-shirts, dress shirts, skirts, dress pants, socks, night gowns, etc, etc, etc strewn all about the place and I realized a very important thing. I HATE CLOTHES! They are everywhere. All over my room, hanging in my closet, in the trunk in the living room, in bags by the basement door, in the closet in the guest I said everywhere! And with the myriad of clothing I still wake up every day and think to myself.."What am I going to wear?!?" How utterly pointless is it for me to have all these clothes and yet nothing I feel is presentable enough to put on.

Don't get me wrong, fashion is great. I love the idea of clothes. The concept of the "Get It" outfit. Just to define, a Get It outfit is your "get your rent paid" jeans, your "fuck me" pumps and a "hurt 'em" shirt. Every girl should have a Get It outfit. I love the idea of going shopping, finding cute clothes and imagining where I can wear them and who would see me in them. But the reality is a whole different story.

The reality is that you have to purchase these clothes, may of them are woefully over priced and will barely last you a year these days. Some will fit only 3 weeks out of the month. Some will only fit for a few months then you'll either lose or gain weight and the clothes once again are no good. Or in a few months, the seasons will change, the style will change and your fly outfit becomes obsolete. To make matters worse, at some point you will have to launder these clothes. At which time you will either dry clean or sort and wash yourself. Then you have to either pay for someone to blow dry heat on your clothes and call it clean or you have to haul baskets of clothes in and out of the laundry room (wherever it may be). Then comes the folding, the ironing, and the hanging. Words cannot express how much I hate to do laundry. I promise if I ever found a man that would do my laundry for me you'd see one very happy man. But I digress.

I say all of that to say this......I love shoes!


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