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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Internet Illiteracy

10:19 AM |

What's with all the videos?

More and more these days as I surf the internet I'm finding sites that have forgone the written content in exchange for video or highly interactive animation pieces to deliver their information. Don't get me wrong, the creativity is great and undoubtedly it takes the pressure off those designers/developers and clients who don't want to write a lot of web content. But every site does not need a video.

I mean, sometimes all I want is to jump to a site, grab some info and go. I don't want to site there and wait for a video to load, watch a series of commercials, poor hosts telling unnecessary back stories and failed comedic quips before I get to information that proves to be completely useless. Put it in words, make it easily scanable so I can tell if your site is what I need or full of crap in less than 2.5 seconds. I just want my info!


Tony Stark said...

LOLI'm somewhere between agreeance & whatever else there is, for my site is both "full of crap" & informative......all at the same time......multi-talented!

Tony Stark said...

...alot of people dont like reading nowadays, which is a shame.