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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bullshit and Double Standards

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Yea, I said it...

Everyone knows that there are substantial double standards between men and women. The reason these standards are set are totally based on the fact that as a whole this society, it's values, it's beliefs and it's rules are created by men. But I don't want to get into this man/woman debate and who made the world suck more. I want to talk about bullshit and double standards.

Bullshit is the belief that women and men are so fundamentally different that they are incapable of behaving and interacting with the world similarly. That for some odd reason, women can't speak as a man does, drink as a man does, act as a man does (with out being a beard growing, flannel wearing, lesbian). Doing so does not make you any less feminine. It does not make you rude. It does not make you more or less of a woman. It makes you a fucking person. If a woman wants to go out and find a one night stand and not be considered a whore, why can't she? If a woman wants to date more than one guy and not be considered a slut, why can't she? If a woman wants to spend her Sundays and Monday nights watching football, drinking liquor in a sports bar, why can't she? If a woman wants to pimp out her Ford F-150 then go for it. In this era when people are making so many advances medically, technologically, and socially, how is it that we are holding on to these archaic beliefs?

As women we also have to stop upholding these double standards as well. It doesn't mean that you can't still be prissy and keep those true hidden women things a secret. But you also don't have to fake and be something you're not. It's hard standing on that pedestal and the fall from on high is a long one. We do a lot of our own backstabbing and judging and that just weakens the solidarity that makes sisterhood so unique and strong.

Bottom line is:
1. Don't Jude Us
2. Don't Pigeon Hole Us
3. Don't Be A Hater (Cause you can't do what we do)
4. Pay Us What You Owe (That less pay for equal work is straight up BULLSHIT and you all know it. The time of reckoning is coming!)


Lawrenorder said...

For the record, I spend my Sundays and Monday nights watching football in the fall, and please don't be the one to get inbetween me and my college basketball. That's just asking for trouble.

I do me. If I'm judged for it, that's on them. The funny thing is, no one has yet to come to my face and say something. The few who have gone "behind my back" to "make their point" have been met with the stark reality of getting their face handed back to them on a platter. Yeah, I'll cut you, and I cut deep.

I hate the whole feminist movement mumbo jumbo, but trust and believe, I won't be getting hit for doing me.