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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Southern Hospitality

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fo' all y'all.....

So today I sat down occupying the 6 hour break between my morning and night classes I have to teach today with a look through the shows I have stored in my DVR. I decided to get caught up on my one of my shows and once again I am face to face with the poster child of the south: blonde, simple, country girl. I looked at this young woman and my first thought was well, at least she's not as country and the girls they usually put on TV. But alas, that was overshadowed by a superior attitude and ignorant comments. Those on TV are constantly from some random po' dunk town with one stop light. Once again perpetuating that the southern people are still a very backwards, racist, "simple" group of people. I hate all types of stereotypes. It is to be acknowledge that all stereotypes are based on some type of truth, however whenever one race, religion, area of people are constantly represented one sided, I must throw up my hands and say SERIOUSLY.

Everytime I see anyone with an NC, SC, GA, AL, TN, etc beside their name the first thing I hear is a slew of hard core southern accents and a total abuse of the English language. That is usually accompanied by hard-core religious beliefs and randomly ignorant off the cuff comments. Now anyone who has been to the south has seen those people, met those people, hell half are probably members of your own family. However, the south is not solely this back woods, backwards, bible toting, tobacco spitting place. There are cities growing in population every day due to many people deciding to relocate. There are people vacationing, doing business ventures, owning second homes, and getting their education in the south. We are just as intelligent, motivated, hardworking, and aware as everyone else.

I shouldn't have to feel the need to justify why I live where I live and the only reason why I do feel that way is because of the bs that's out there as a representative. So stop looking at me crazy and with pity when I tell you I'm from south. It takes entirely too long to give you my background and really what is the point. Like I have to justify to you why I'm not a traditional southerner. No I don't have to explain to you how I got here. Yes, my accent isn't terribly southern. I can read and write, and I wear shoes that are far better than the ones you probably rock on a daily basis.

So stick that in your pipe big media and smoke it. But this is just a small irritation. There's still issues with the depiction of women, women of color, men, Asians, Blacks, Whites, Jewish, Muslims......

But that's for another time......yeeeeaaaahhhh!