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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hello? Goodbye?

11:08 PM |

is it worth fighting for...

If you love them, let them go. If you love them, fight for it. A discussion with my council today had me questioning these two ideas which are clearly contradictory to each other. So which is it? Fight or flight?

Some believe that if you truly love someone and let them go. The thought behind that is, if it was truly a love that was meant to be they'd return to you. It's also the ultimate sacrifice, to give up your own happiness for that of the one you love. But, if you let someone go, is that not the same as giving up? If you do in fact let them go with the thought in mind, that you hope they return, you are in a way wishing them unhappiness without you. So are you truly letting go? Are you truly wishing them happiness? No. So how is this the right angle?

The others believe that if you truly love someone, you'll fight for them. Really? To me that kinda falls on a thin line between fighting to make a relationship work and fighting to make someone be with you. If you have to work that hard to keep a relationship together, is it really meant to be? Shouldn't you want to be with that person, and if you want to be with that person and vice versa, what are you fighting for?

I don't think one should have to make someone be with them. But I also don't believe you just give up on relationships when things get rough. So which is it? Fight for it? Let it go? Maybe there is no answer. Maybe we're just destined to do this dance... Mambo with the fighters... Waltz alone....