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Friday, February 1, 2008

Definition of A Hater

12:13 AM |

...thoughts on a drive home

Sitting in traffic today I had an opportunity to let my mind wander. Not sure what triggered this thought but the actual meaning of the term hater came to mind. I've been called a hater many times in my life. Sometimes I've even said "yes, yes I am a hater" and thought nothing of it, because there are times when yes, I hate almost everything. But hating things and being a hater are two totally different things.

To be an actual hater would mean that I have such a low esteem for my self and my abilities that I am too insecure to be happy for someone else's talents and success. It would mean I have no legitimate reasons to dislike a particular turn of event or person. For someone to address you as a hater is in my opinion a form of belittlement and disrespect. That means that person thinks that lowly of you. They infer that you have so little self worth that you would hate for someone else to do well. I can say that I'm no hater. I like myself ok and I'm confident in my abilities. I can be genuinely happy for another who does well.

But yes. I still hate a lot of stuff.

Now is every "hater" situation that serious. Of course not. To be honest if your secure with yourself it's never really that serious.