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Monday, September 26, 2005


11:01 PM |

"Good morning" the deep voice beside me sighed
And Cheerfully I responded "morning" trying not to cry
I so wished that morning never came
Because I knew things would continue the same
You'll roll out of bed and brush your teeth
While I continue to lay beneath the sheets
You'll undress, turn on the shower and call my name
And i'll get up and help you wash your back like always
Then we'll go at it just one more time
And you'll tell me the things i do just "blow your mind".
I'll get dressed and go down to the kitchen
While you tell me you can't stand your wife's bitchin
You could never taste the tears I cried in your eggs
When you tell me about what lies ahead.
how you really "love me" but you "can't get away"
Because "little Amanda got sick the other day"
And you'll tell me the same lies you told me last week
About how your mom "can't take it now, her heart's too weak".
When the food is done, I'll bring you your plate
And you'll tell me it must be fate
That "I have found someone as loving as you"
And we'll be together when "I'm rid of that shrew".
I'll sit in front of you and watch you eat your food
And secretly wish your lies were true.
When you're done you'll put your plate in the sink
And turn around, smile at me and wink
And i'll hand you your coat and open the door
As you prepare to leave me once more
You'll take your things and tenderly kiss me on the cheek
And you'll walk out of my life again until next week.