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Saturday, October 1, 2005


12:11 AM |

This is a poem by another talented poet I know ;) Enjoy.

His mind's eye is open to the world eternal
culture, society, science, fiction
and the universe;
He who dreams are fantasy bound
mystic lands, magical kingdoms, mystical quests, enchanted forests
and supernatural beings;
He whose own soul is rooted to Mother Earth
like the mighty Oak
deeply embedded,solid as the mountains;
He whose very essence burns brighter than the sun
and as brilliant as the Northern sky,
elegant as a single winter rose;
He whose words echos the moral pains into the night
sorrow, love, happiness, sadness, lust and passion;
He whose words flow like a stream in an untouched forest
pure, majestic, life giving;
O' yes
To sip from his stream is to drink from Mother Earth's bosom,
to stand in it is to bask in the glory of the ages
He who is the Poet
the teller of the past
the seer of the future
the keeper of time
the overseer of creation.