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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Can't Be Friends

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Sometimes it's best to say goodbye...

Many months or so ago I wrote a post outlining whether or not I thought it was possible for exes to be friends. In general, I do think that it is possible with a few things taken into consideration. You can read my full thoughts here. However, I think I need to really take a moment and address the issue of whether or not you should actually even attempt to be friends after a breakup.

People, not everyone is meant to be your friend. That includes people you were once dating, once intimate with, once thought you would spend your life with. There are some really toxic people in your life and it may not be until you have spent some time away from that person or away from that relationship that you realize just how toxic that person was to you.

If trying to maintain a friendship with that person still leads to constant arguments, constant stress, constant irritation, why on GOD'S GREEN EARTH are you trying to keep that person in your life? In any other situation you would have let that friend fall by the wayside. But because you two once had a relationship you feel that that person requires a bit more of your effort or patience. STOP yourself.

Really take the time to ask why it is important to keep that person as a part of your circle of friends. What benefit does it give you to still have regular or irregular contact with that person? How much of a friendship do you wish to have with this person: a casual acquaintance? a true friendship? For what purpose?

Think I'm wrong for asking 'what's in it for me?' Hate to tell you, no I'm not. There is no friend in your life that doesn't serve some type of purpose. Whether it's shared interest, shared perspective, laughter, a shoulder, connections, motivation, a history, upbringing, lifestyle, whatever...every friend you know provides some type of light into your life. If this person isn't adding to your glow and you're not adding to theirs what purpose do you serve each other?!?

Sometimes, it is in neither parties best interest to even attempt to try and retain any type of communication, contact, friendship, anything. Sometimes you just have to let it go. Walking around with too many strings attached can leave you tangled and tethered to a place you no longer wish or need to be. There is nothing wrong with just saying goodbye.


BareFoot Countessa said...

Nice post indeed. Gives me food for thought on many perspectives!