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Friday, December 14, 2012

Not A Good Look

7:30 AM |

Put some damn shoes on....

I know it's been a moment since I've posted a Not A Good Look post, but after driving home today and seeing what I saw, I felt it was time for another installment. What I saw was a young 'man'? maybe? walking his/her dog down my neighborhood street in a black beater and shorts and NO shoes. Now, it's not the time, place or weather for either of those items individually.  Seeing it all together almost made me roll down my window and ask what the hell was going on. It's all wet and winter outside and what not. I know it's like 54 degrees but it's December yo!

Ok my melanin reduced brothers and sisters, we need to have a meeting.  Why are you all obsessed with walking around public places with no shoes on??? Your girl Brittany was in public bathrooms with no shoes. You guys are all in the parking lots, stores and gas stations sometimes, just prancing around like it's just the thing to do. I mean come on! I know it's the south but COME ON!

I mean sure I'll take off my shoes at work from time to time when my shoes get the best of me.  I may even go into my drive way or if I had a yard, my yard with no shoes on.  But you will not see me strolling down a public thoroughfare in my naked footies!

There are germs out there!! You don't know what's on that street!!  All kinds of dirt, grime, ashes, vomit and animal piddle residue your just strolling on, on your porous skin. Then you track all that ish into your house.  Some of you don't even wash your feet after so that gets all on your carpets, sofa....IN YOUR BED! Oh my goodness you germy, germy people!!! *Professor Locs freak out - spray - spray everything!!! Red Alert! Red Alert!*

This is beyond Not A Good Look.  Just STOP IT! STOP IT! You ground zero resus monkeys....gonna infect us all!!


Anonymous said...

i hate it when people are tought this crap! Theres absolutely nothing wrong at all with going barefoot anywhere! The worst thing that could happen is stepping on a nail (sharp items) but i u actually research before u crtisize people wont be ignoring u...the reasons y we do this ultimately is that its comfortable and people do it out of self respect and there for the freedom it grants ...our skin keep germs out but also in reality did u know that shoes carry more germs than dog crap? But its also very theriputic to just walk barefoot. Our skin also adapts very quick to our surrounds meaning that once ur feet quickly gets used 2 not wearing shoes u can walk on a gravel road like its not gonna lie. I never liked the thought of barefeet wen i grew up but now i love it and cant get enough...u aswell as many other judgemental people never have truly tryed it, have u ever stepped in ankle deep mud before??? Feels freakin nice! Ad ur gonna sit here and tell me how i can get an infection? Nope! Its very very much good 4 ur feet! Ive cut/scratched my feet and stepped in mud and it healed very fast without any complications :) there so much more i can prove u wrong on...but all ive got 2 say is, uve been tought wrong on this and r missing out! just try it 4 urself and by starting with grass before walking on concrete/ canged my life in a better way! O and no, parsites are very highly unlikely! Plus u can get them on ANY part of ur body! And doorknobs alone have more germs than feet etc etc etc