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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Do You Think About Me?

Not particularly...

At some point all of us has ended a relationship with the oh so wonderful saying 'we can still be friends, right?' For many of us we have every intention of attempting to maintain a good friendship with that person after the intimate relationship ends. Really, we used to like that person to some degree, so why not attempt to maintain some type of friendship.

However, things can go so wrong after that relationship ends (one not wanting to let go, always trying to get back together, etc) that make you not even care wether or not you ever hear from that person again.  It's not that you wish them harm, or hate their guts.  Sometimes, you can just be so tired that you become indifferent.  And I think indifference is worse that hate.

Worse than hate?  Yes.  Worse than hate.  Indifference is where you honestly don't care one way or the other.  If you talk...fine.  If you never talk again...fine.  Essentially you have become a non-factor in your former significant other's life.  You don't count, you don't matter, you are in fact - nobody.  And being nobody to someone that was such a big part in your life is tragic.  At least with hate you know there are still some feelings there.  You matter enough to get on that persons nerves.

So what do you do when that person you are feeling meh about resurfaces?  Do you bother to even entertain communication?  Do you ignore?  I think it all depends.  I think it's OK to attempt at least one time to be cordial.  Catch up.  See how they're doing.  Because you honestly don't hate them at all.  You can exchange pleasantries, and go on about your business. Or you could find your self accidentally opening a window in which that person thinks they can climb back in.  They begin to call every week/day, they text all the time, want to hang out, get mad when you don't, get mad when you don't immediately return calls or text back, and you're left like 'what the hell' and you're back into this weird relationship/friendship thing that is just annoying, so then you ignore and it doesn't matter, and you're mean and it doesn't matter what you do or say they still come back around.  Like nothing ever happened.  And then it just becomes sad....

But then could be just my situation.