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Thursday, November 26, 2009


The melting pot...

Funny thing about family. These are the people you are tied to regardless of situation, income, location. The people you are supposed to love unconditionally. The people who are supposed to understand you the most. But often these are the people you practice the least amount of tolerance with. The least amount of patience. The least amount of understanding.

In the real world you begin to develop interpersonal skills. These skills allow you to enter work places, public places and interact with people of different backgrounds, personalities and beliefs. For example, when you are at work you have people that you click with, people that you don't, people that you can't stand, but in the end you have managed to adjust how you deal with each individual so you can accomplish a final goal and get through the day. Why is it that these same skills are not practiced within the family.

Families are made up of people with different personalities, different interpersonal skills, and sometimes different beliefs. Why is it that we never practice what we do outside of the house inside with our own family. We expect for everyone to think like you do, act like you do, work like you do and when they don't it leads to angry conversations, arguments and conversations behind brick walls. We are all people. Thrown together in this long chain by no fault of our own. Spent years and years around each other. You would think that people in these situations would be able to deal with one another better.

If you don't then stop being stupid and start dealing with each other. Use those skills. Accept people for who and what they are and adjust your behavior accordingly. You are all working towards a common goal.

Now go eat some turkey. Happy Thanksgiving.