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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Inside The Mind

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wants, needs, and everything inbetween...

At night I often have a lot of thoughts that normally don't present themselves in the light. Tonight the thought is of wants vs needs. We all have things in life we want. But who is to say that what we want is what we need? Who is to say that what we want is best for us? I guess with my ever growing quest to improve myself, life, overall situation I have managed to establish what are not goals but this ideal state. This state where if I got x,y,z I'd be happy. How am I to know if this ideal state is really the best for me? And if it is not the why am I working so hard to get it. I mean, what if I do reach this ideal state and it turns out not to be the life I wanted afterall? Or even more, what if I reach this ideal state and that's it. My purpose is done. I've achieved all I'm ment to achieve and the big plug gets pulled on me?

How do you balance reaching for your goals and being all that you can be without seting unrealiztic expectations on your life? Isn't the whole point to challenge to yourself? Aren't we supposed to reach for the impossible? Where to you balance the absurd with the reality? And if you try and find that balance are you limiting yourself and minimizing your potential? I mean think of all the poineers out there who did the unthinkable. Think of all those who live these amazing adventerous and extravagent lifestyles. None of those people got to where they are by limiting themselves. But is being realistic truly limiting yourself? I mean most people who have these grand lifestyles are the exception to the rule and by default we have to think that we just my be the rule. (thanks to he's just not into you for that rule thought).

When do you say when? When do you decide to hang back and enjoy the fruits of your labor? We always talk of how bad complacency is but when are you supposed to take the time to enjoy all the rewards your hard work has to offer? At the rate most people work they won't truly be able to bask in the glory and perks of their accomplishments until they retire and then you just may be too old. So what you leave this life your worked all your life to get to dollar inheritences to your heirs? Damn that. I mean there's nothing wrong with helping your family be better off but when am I supposed to have my fun?

I know that regardless of what happens in life you should be happy with what you have managed to achieve thus far. And remember that being happy with what you have and have done doesn't mean that you aren't going to reach higher. I guess all in all there is nothing wrong with having outlandish expectations for your life. Because if you don't the who will.