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Monday, February 16, 2009

Moment of Simple

10:24 PM |

So a while back, I had a dream where She-Ra gave me her sword so I could slice up New York from I Love New York. There was a whole lot more randomness in that dream so I'll leave it there. As a tribute, I give you the open. Reminisce with me.


Becks said...

Firstly... I bow down as I thank you for giving me another excuse to procrastinate from the thesis.

Secondly... I have just been searching for images of chick superheroes (another form of procrastination) and chanced upon She-Ra and had to pause to allow some nostalgic stirrings in my chest to subside. This is great! (The blissful ignorance of youth. Now the older me is petulantly querying why He-man must have the entire universe in his defense portfolio and Shera only gets the Crystal Palace!?? Grrrrr