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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Partying at 25 and up

12:50 AM | Is this what it has come to?

So needless to say I don't get out much. And I really don't go out to clubs due highly to the fact that at all the 21 and up clubs I somewhere along the lines became the "and up". I worried at the 25 and up club, I'd feel like was 12 partying with my daddy so I have been avoiding them all together. Either way I was really just over the club scene anyway and had stopped going all together. Well tonight for my birthday 2 of my girls and I went out to celebrate (note my birthday is 2 days away). I got the urge to go out so I had to act on it cause I mean really...when would this happen again? We ended up going to one of my friend's favorite (and one of the city's most popular) 25 and up club.


Now, I don't see the 25-40 crowd as old. Especially not this generation born out of hip-hop, trends and popular culture. However, at some point they apparently think they think they got old and have to conform to what their impressions of what an "and up" is. I had always avoided these clubs because I kinda felt I'd feel on the young side when in there. And though I wasn't in age I was truly in spirit. So let's set the scene. The music was actually pretty decent, though not great (the DJ has some issues figuring out which popular music of today really gets this crowd moving and..note T.I's "Whatever you like" wasn't it and apparently none of the old school joints (ie "Before I Let Go") did either). The club was very nice, plenty of seating..which by the way leads me to this side tangent...there is no holding seats/tables at the club. If your ENTIRE table gets up, you've lost it! But I digress...As I was saying. Good music, check. Good spot, check. There's no smoking inside the club but they have a large patio outside where you can smoke and there's more music. At least 4 it's a nice spot. So what was the issue...

The people...sigh...the people.

25 and up dancing:
When does timely rhythmic movement turn into the two step with the snaps?!? I mean you don't have to get on the floor and make it clap anymore but do you really have to bust out the two step? And do you get excited anymore? You don't have to get hype, but if the DJ says "Where are all my Virgos at?" can I get more than a 1st grade classroom roll call hands up?!? (with the first finger in the air...yes they did, yes they did..with the two step in-between the snaps). I mean can you look like you're enjoying your night out dancing with your husband/significant other (cause apparently that's in now...whatever). We are all grown folks, why is EVERYONE standing around looking at each other like it's our first middle school dance?!? I'm used to people not dancing, but really. People were seated still watching the dance floor like they were watching Harpo beat Oprah in the Color Purple.

25 and up fashion:
I know I can't escape it. People dress bad at all ages. But tonight I had a few REALLYS?!? On a whole I was rather disappointed with a majority of what I saw people in tonight. But here are a few standouts.
Criminal 1: Your daddy decided to be 'hilarious' and come out in his straw hat, clown sunglasses (no literally, you know those hugely over-sized sunglasses clowns wear to be funny..the green rimmed ones..yea he had on those). The linen white button up with the shorts and maracas. Yup you heard me. MARACAS! I think he was rocking the gym socks with sandals but I think I may have blocked it out.
Criminal 2: Black capri leaotard cat suit under a white mesh/net tank dress. Apparently her belly gets sweatty because instead of wearing her white 80's sweat bands on her head or wrist she put two around her stomach...under the mesh/net dress.
Criminal 3: Seen with her partner in the Oliva Newton John "Let's Get Physical" mesh/net dress. Who took all your grandmama's doileys? She did and sewed them together to make a mini-dress. She decided to jazz it up with some Tina Turner fringe at the bottom. But of course since we're 'grown' she also paired it with a pair of red short shorts.

All in all I did enjoy the hour I spent there. I heard a few songs I really like. (Apparently Rick Ross' new song doesn't hit the '25 and up' crowd cause they were really looking like ?who dis?) The club was open until 3 and at 12, the crowd was still too sparce for me and so underwhelmed I bounced. But I had some good laughs, got to trip out with my girls and be silly on the dance floor for a hot minute. I'm not opposed to going back. But I think my outta house adventures will lead me more in the direction of sports bars and less in the direction of clubs.


Tony Stark said...

There should be fashion police at the clubs.....maybe these people are getting drunk at home while dressing.

Lawrenorder said...

I tried not to laugh, goodness knows I did, but that was HILARIOUS! You know I don't go to the clubs. I hang out at restaurant bars and even the sports bars are pretty fun. I mean, even if the crowd is lame you can still rack up the billards table or watch the game. Thank goodness football has started.

Anonymous said...

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