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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Stop Playin'

12:39 AM |

...too old for that bulls#!%

I'm sure we all have a favorite game. Monopoly. Scrabble. Poker. Video. Games are fun. They spark friendly competition, good conversation and all around good times. However, those are clearly not the games I am talking about. I am referring to playing "games" with people. You all know what I mean.

Putting people through silly tests is just opening yourself up for your own mentally imposed rejection. To be honest many of the people don't know what you are really trying to ask of them and are not going to answer any question or respond to those situations the way you want them to. No normal person is going so sit there and think..."oh she/he just asked if this food is bland, they must need salt, which means if I hand them the salt then I know them and what their needs are...." More than likely they'll just say "taste fine to me" and keep it moving. Then you're all pissed off because you think they don't care about you when they have no idea what you were talking about in the first place. Now you're doubting your relationship and your significant other thinks the fight is all about unsalted corn.

In my opinion games are stupid. It's just a passive aggressive way to TRY to get people to tell you what you want to know without coming out and asking them. And if you can't grow the balls to ask them outright, then you are obviously too much of a bitch to be able to handle whatever the answer is.


Lawrenorder said...

What the hell... unsalted corn... what the crap are your friends up to? There are many games to play, but the passive-aggressive "I'm too much of a punk to ask the ding-dang question so imma be wack and do what?!?!"
No good.

Tony Stark said...

....damn, who got you mad??? I agree though, games are bogus & it's definitely a passive way to act aggressive.