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Monday, May 19, 2008


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Say it to me one more time.....

So as I sit here not quite ready to sleep for the evening and I got to thinking about why I frequently get called "manish". I get this from my female friends as well as my male friends and it got me wondering what it is that I do that makes people identify me this way. Confused as to what manish means? I am too.

I have been referred to as a "nigga" by my guy friends (ending in ga - as in friend or homie. Frequently used by black males to refer to their friendlier counterparts. Do I approve? No. But that's another story.) My female friends state that I frequently have male like tendencies in the way I think, speak, and occasionally behave. So after one day of hearing it from EVERYONE I spoke to I really began to ponder what it is about me that allows me to be labeled this way.

Listen people. Here's the deal.

Gentlemen: Just because I'm not some pampered, money hungry princess waiting for my prince to come riding up on a white magestic horse to save me does not make me manish. Just because I don't go through your cell phone, interrogate you about your where abouts, or have a problem with you spending hours watching the play-offs does not make me manish. Just because I don't scream, yell, throw things or key your car does not make me manish. Just because I can get ready to go in under 20 minutes does not make me manish. I personally think that makes me normal and I find it hard to believe that I am alone out here in this world. If you've never come across a chic that even remotely displays these characteristics, I'd re-evaluate the females you're associating yourself with.

Ladies: So I'm not an emotional mess like many of you out there are. I do have rational thoughts and am perfectly capable of comprising an argument based on facts and feelings in an intelligent and comprehensible manner. So I don't buy into those stupid societal double standards that you currently limit your freedoms by. So I don't have a stroke if I walk out of the house without an ounce of make up on. So I understand what the letters NFL and NBA stand for and I know that the corner back does not post up in the paint or slide home during a double header. So frickin what? Are you that insecure with your femininity that you feel the need to attack mine?

Bottom line is, my thoughts, feelings, actions don't make me manish, they make me a woman. The last time I checked I have no balls between my legs and was having just as many problems with the stupid under wire in my bra as every woman does. Don't mistake my confidence and my security for anything else. And think twice before you say this to me again.


Tony Stark said...

nigga stop being manish ;)

Lawrenorder said...

It's been over a month. *yawn* I'm getting bored.