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Friday, February 8, 2013

Ask Me Anything

Well my people, things have been a little slow lately.  I've been lacking a bit of inspiration.  Can't quite come up with things to talk about.  So many of my good sources have vanished.  Sure I've gotten a few tips, and suggestions and I've got them in my list to ponder about.  But in general, nothing's quite hit me.

So I've been racking my brain lately, trying to think of some things I need to talk about.  And I decided to bring back something I had a long time ago....Ask a Black Girl!

This is your opportunity to ask me ANYTHING.  I mean anything.  You can suggest topics I need to address.  Questions about men...questions about women...questions about dating and relationships. Whatever your hearts desire.  I'll give you my honest, unfiltered opinion like I've always done.  And if you're shy, you can ask me anonymously...I won't name names.  You can use this box (if you have formspring) below or just comment on this post.

So leave me a question.....what you wanna know???


Anonymous said...

So here are some questions.....
1)How many hints does a Stud (girl) or a man need to drop before asking a woman on a date?
2) how do you know the right time to ask someone on a date?

Alani said...

1. After kicking dudes to the curb, when do you get to the point of evaluation? Are my standards to him or are these the frogs and my prince around the corner?