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Monday, February 4, 2008

Land of The Free?

9:26 PM |

...thoughts in an election year

It has come around again. Time for us to democratically tell the powers that be who we would like to lead us for the next 4 years. Unfortunately many will not even bother going to the polls to vote. Others will have their ballots toss out due to misleading or unknown district locations with a provisional ballot. The rest will wait countless hours in line during a work day only to have their vote not count or get shut out when the polls close. There is a huge issue with voting rights all across the country. For people to blindly stand behind the amendments to the constitution that gave many of us the right to vote is stupid. There are violations to the constitution and to its various amendments happening every day. It's time for people to get aware and get upset and get vocal and get active. There is an interesting documentary out that discusses the problems with voting called American Blackout. Visit and see how you can help and get involved.

Don't let your concerns be dismissed as petty conspiracy theories. There are some viable connections out there and proven documentation of many of our governments shady practices. Just be smart and conscious about how to separate fact from fantasy, while being completely aware that shady business can, has and will continue to happen within our good ol' country. There is an interesting video out that brooklynsarah put me on to called Zeitgeist. While it's very long, and the first parts of it can somewhat feel like a huge conspiracy theory, there is a section in there about financial practices of our government that I personally found interesting. You can view that part of it here. When you have a good long minute check the rest of it out and decide if you think any of the information is potentially viable. Either way we have to get involved and be proactive. With the world growing more and more anti-America, our resources depleting, our economy and schools in danger, and our debt spiraling out of control this election is not just about getting Bush out of office. Our elected leader has got some big issues to begin to resolve, so changes to make and some social changes to make. It's time to wake up, people.